IBN’s mission is to help you expand your international business.

We do this through:

Networking people in international business

One of the most valuable methods of learning about all phases of international business is from people in the trenches. Regular networking events foster these exchanges and are the place to start in connecting with international resources.

At these gatherings, marketers, manufacturers, distributors and international traders, as well as those who specialize in financial, legal, marketing and logistic matters have an opportunity to meet and share information and ideas.

Attracting A younger and more diverse population into international business

IBN works with universities, colleges, secondary schools and community groups to encourage education in international business among students and underrepresented groups.

Educating people on international business practices and opportunities

IBN provides workshops, symposiums and luncheon meetings that bring in experts to speak about import/export opportunities, investment, financial, marketing and legal assistance in various parts of the world.

Workshops provide hands-on experience, counseling and advice for international personnel at every stage of development.

IBN also provides speakers and programming for other groups.

Supporting existing international business activities

IBN works to promote the programming of other international groups and helps to coordinate international activities throughout Northeast Ohio.

Hosting and helping others host incoming missions and business visitors

IBN works to assure that incoming missions and visitors are appropriately hosted.

IBN also works with other public and private groups that receive incoming business missions to support their efforts.

Advising businesses in Northeast Ohio seeking to expand their international scope

Through the Been There, Done That guide program IBN provides experienced advisors to Northeast Ohio firms desiring to grow internationally.

This highly individualized counseling is helping them to swiftly and confidently extend the reach of their businesses around the globe.