A mentor workign to teach a young professional about International Business.

4 Reasons International Business Professionals Need a Mentor

The opportunities available through having a career in international business are endless; they literally span the globe! For professionals with minimal experience, this can be intimidating. Whether you are still a student or just starting out in your career, you need advice from someone who has already been where you are headed. Therefore, having a mentor is vital to professional growth.

Seeking great advice from those professionals that have been in the field for some time is an excellent way to become more knowledgeable about your industry, and about business as a whole. Here are 5 reasons why international business people need a mentor:

  1.  They’ve been there, done that

Not only can you learn from your mentor’s successes, but you can learn from their failures, too. The international business sphere is especially complex and diverse, with many missteps possible. Learn from a professional who has encountered the very situation you may be in. Knowledge is power! Mentors can provide you with advice and first-hand experience with topics like foreign markets, logistics, and competitors.

  1.  They can provide valuable connections

Connections are incredibly important. Not only is your mentor a valuable connection as you progress through your career, but your mentor can provide you with other key introductions as well. Say you are doing business in China and would like some market intelligence on main competitors. If your mentor does not know the answer to this question, chances are they have a contact who does! When a mentor invests in you, they want to give you as many tools to succeed as possible.

  1.  They’re invested in your growth

Your mentor is your advocate. They want to see you grow and succeed. Listening to advice from your mentor can help you gain the confidence that you need to take risks in areas you normally wouldn’t. By having someone on your side who knows the industry and your career path, you’ll gain access to tips and tricks only seasoned professionals know. They know what steps you should take in order to advance to the next stage of your career.

  1. They can open doors

Unsure of how to penetrate a certain foreign market? Want to learn about a particular competitor? Need to figure out how to coordinate logistics in a different market? Having a seasoned professional by your side will help to ensure you are successful in new ventures and enter them the right way.