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20 Ways To Embarrass Yourself Around The World

When the Sherman brothers wrote “It’s A Small World (After All)” in 1962, they had no idea how true that sentiment would become. Technology and ease of travel have made international enterprises out of almost every business. Today, if you’re going to succeed in advertising, you need more than a plane ticket and directions to […]

Top 10 Things to Be Mindful Of When Working Across Cultures

Industry Insights- Tips and advice from the global talent mobility community By Dean Foster In more than 30 years of intercultural consulting, I’ve often been asked, “What’s the one thing someone working across cultures needs to know about, no matter what culture they are in?” Good question! While the differences between cultures can be so complex […]

Iceland Air Reception was a Success!

Since the announcement of Iceland Air’s entry into the Cleveland market, NEOIBN has been excited to create new ties at the airport to increase international travel. Frequent flyer Ingrida Bublys, a board member of Cleveland’s International Business Network, is among those who are eager to connect through Reykjavik instead. “I think it will be more […]

3 Tips to Help You Hire Your Replacement

After a project with the Digital Marketing Clinic at Baldwin Wallace University, the Northeast Ohio International Business Network decided to bring on a Marketing Intern. For the past year, we have been working to increase our social media and internet presence to attract new members and increase awareness of the network. This has meant a […]

International Service Award Recipient

On March 15, 2018 the International Service Award was presented to Honorary Consul General of Lithuania Ingrida Bublys, a past Honorary President of the Rotary Club of Cleveland. Ingrids is also a International Business Board Member. We proudly celebrate her global vision and her leadership in ensuring the City of Cleveland and the state of […]

International Business- It’s Nothing to be Afraid of

Taking your business global can be a big task and to those that haven’t thought long and hard about it, it can be scary. Mike Carlton, President of Carlton Associates Incorporated, can speak to the scariest parts with his nearly 30 years of experience in International Business. Not only is Carlton a part of NEO […]

4 Reasons International Business Professionals Need a Mentor

The opportunities available through having a career in international business are endless; they literally span the globe! For professionals with minimal experience, this can be intimidating. Whether you are still a student or just starting out in your career, you need advice from someone who has already been where you are headed. Therefore, having a […]

Top Three Reasons to Join a Professional Organization

We all know the phrase “It’s about who you know and who knows you,” but how do you get to know people? Especially people who can help you learn new skills and even advance in your career? Joining a professional organization and taking full advantage of the opportunities it offers can afford you some great […]

IBN 3-D Printing Program

The IBN 3-D Printing program on April 26, 2017 at the Youngstown Business Incubator was very interesting and informative. The techniques in these manufacturing processes are only about 25 years old versus centuries of development of traditional manufacturing processes. This means that it is a totally new ball game in working with these processes. 3-D […]

3 Things to Know When Studying or Working Abroad

Fall semester, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. Being in the international hub of Europe allowed me to learn a lot about foreign cultures, and I often had to learn things the hard way. To help others avoid making the same mistakes I did, I am sharing my best tips and tricks that everyone should know when studying or working abroad.