Free International Business Assistance is available from IBN

Many strong, well run businesses in Northeast Ohio that could be marketing internationally are not doing so. As a result, they are missing out on the potential to increase their growth rate as well as improving employment opportunities here at home.

The International Business Network (IBN) offers an advisory program to help those area companies expand their international business. IBN is an organization of people engaged in international business.

Been There, Done That is the name of that program. It makes highly experienced senior business executives who are currently actively involved in international business available as advisors to Northeast Ohio businesses that want to expand internationally. There is no cost for this service.

The requirements for an area business to receive a Been There, Done That advisor are simple. First, top management of the business must be committed to expanding internationally, and be prepared to support that commitment with appropriate resources. Second, apply to Been There, Done That. This can be done online at That would be followed by a personal interview to mutually determine how best to proceed.

For more information please see or call 216-771-1200